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We specialise in developing tailor made software that meets the needs of the individual organisation. We understand that your needs are specific to your business and hence the solutions need to be suitable for you. Our brochure explains how we can help you improve your business.

Games Connect Online ShopTop
  • Client: Games Connect
  • Responsibilities: Front-end design, Programming, CMS
  • Tools Used: XHTML/CSS, ASP/SQL Server, e-commerce
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Games Connect Online Shop

Games Connect sold new and used console games (Xbox, PS2, etc). The online shop included extensive searching features, rich product information, shopping cart, multi-stage check-out process, online payments via credit card, and SSL security.

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Plague (PC Game)Top
  • Client: AIE (2006 Class)
  • Responsibilities: Front-end design
  • Tools Used: XHTML/CSS, Photoshop
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Plague (PC Game)

A promotional website for the PC game Plague. The game was developed by the students at the AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) in 2006. The website served as a tool for students wanting to easily present their work to potential employers (including readily available downloads, descriptions of the tools used to produce the game, etc).

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Calador's Ultima Online WebsiteTop
  • Client: N/A
  • Responsibilities: Front-end design, Programming, CMS
  • Tools Used: XHTML/CSS, ASP/MS Access, Photoshop
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Calador's Ultima Online Website

A fan website devoted to the online game Ultima Online. The website chronicled the player's involvement in the game world over the years, offered hints and tips, and offered a downloads area for utilities and play guides.

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Curry Creations Business CardTop
  • Client: Curry Creations
  • Responsibilities: Logo design
  • Tools Used: Photoshop, Illustrator
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Curry Creations Business Card

A business card developed for a Melbourne based producer of gourmet Indian curry sauces and food products. The business currently maintains a store front in Prahran market.

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Forest Hill Pizza (Online Ordering)Top
  • Client: Forest Hill Pizza
  • Responsibilities: Front-end design, Programming
  • Tools Used: ASP/MS Access, JavaScript
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Forest Hill Pizza (Online Ordering)

An online ordering system created for pizza. As a low-cost solution, the ordering mechanism was no connected to a payment gateway (orders were to be paid on pickup).

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